Where Are They Now?

Since 2003, some of the most compassionate and talented people have worked with us. Both our administrative and therapeutic staffs have contributed to our lives as a team, as well as to the lives of the families we have worked with over the years. Although we have been saddened by their departures, we follow them for years because they have all made an incredible impact on our lives. Here are where some of them are today! 


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Erica Ellis

I started working in beginning of 2014, shortly after earning my Ph.D. through SDSU. I left in August 2015, after being offered a full-time tenure track position at Cal State Los Angeles, an offer I could not refuse!

Today, I'm a junior faculty member (Assistant Professor) in the Communication Disorders department. I teach undergraduate and graduate students who are going to school to be SLPs in the future. I also sometimes supervise MA students in our department’s speech/language clinic. 

Currently, I am working on publishing research done with Karyn at Crimson Center on Parent Child Sign & Speak; I’m very excited to see the articles get published!!

I loved working at Crimson Center. Karyn and all of the other SLPs are amazing! I miss everyone and hope to continue to collaborate with Karyn and her team in San Diego in the future.

Hillory Peters



Note from Karyn: Hillory began working with me in 2002 while I had a very small private practice in Poway. From what I recall, she was finishing her Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) at Rady’s Children’s Hospital but needed extra hours for car repairs. Hillory was such an outstanding therapist, that I believed it was time to open a clinic in 2003. She came on full-time and was an integral part of the creation of Crimson Center.


From Hillory: I worked at Crimson from 2002-2005, but left in 2005 to move to NYC and live with my boyfriend/man who is now my husband. I now live in Tuckahoe, NY just outside of NYC. I have a private practice called BTG Speech and do in-home speech and language therapy.  I also work part time at a center called Dramatic Pragmatics where I provide social skills training to groups of school age children.

I married my reason for leaving Crimson, and we now have two kids, age 7 and 4. We travel back to Europe often to see my husband’s family, and are hoping to make it back to Southern California sometime soon!


I remember Crimson fondly—I was very excited to start my new life in NYC but I was very sad to leave Karyn and the wonderful collaborative practice she was in the process of building.  


Some of my favorite memories include: all of the incredible families I worked with, my little friend A who liked to call me “Hilary Ducks” while he smiled (he loved the Disney channel and Hilary Duff), collaborating with my favorite O.T. Bridgette (ACES/DTC), and airing out the office after the fires in 2003.

Joann Rabon

I started at Crimson June 2006 as a receptionist/admin staff member (at the same time one of my sons was receiving therapy there), and left in July 2007, after our family moved out of San Diego. We moved to Murrieta for 7 years, then moved to Mesa, Arizona in 2014. Today, I am an assistant teacher at a Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten, after working as an instructional aide in a self-contained special ed classroom for 2 years.

I am a single mom of 3 wonderful young men, two of whom still live at home. Luke is in college and Josh is a high school Junior (can you believe it? And he still has speech issues).


One of my favorite memories was when my son Josh was getting therapy at Crimson. I remember him hiding under the table whenever his therapist, Stef, was trying to work with him. He still avoids therapy!

Debbie Katz Perry

I worked at Crimson part-time during my Clinical Fellowship Year while working in San Diego Unified School District (Winter 2006-Summer 2007). At that time, I became a full-time staff member at Crimson Center.  


I left in the Summer of 2008 to move to Washington, DC so my husband Alex could go to law school. At that time, I started working at The HSC Pediatric Center doing outpatient and inpatient long term care with kids with complex communication needs. In 2011 an occupational therapist and I started Eat, Speak, Play! an in-home therapy practice.  Between my time at HSC and briefly working at a school as an assistive technology (AT) specialist, I started to really specialize in AT, which is now my main focus. I still run Eat, Speak, Play!, but I am

 also am back at The HSC Pediatric Center part time in the AT Clinic and LOVING IT!


While still at Crimson in 2007 Alex and I married, and we now have 2 children - my son will be 5 in February and my daughter is 2.5.  


I'm sure there are sooo many anecdotes from my Crimson days, but currently I'm thinking about our Starbucks runs, co-treating with some fantastic therapists, and really starting my journey as an SLP and began to explore what my interests were.

Jamie Segal

I joined Crimson in 2009 to begin my career as a speech and language therapist.  Although I did, and still do, miss my family in northern Virginia, I was never able to leave San Diego and the Crimson Center! I loved Crimson so much that while wanting to grow professionally I still wanted to stay connected.  In 2012 I opened a satellite office for Crimson in Solana Beach which shortly after moved to Encinitas.  This past March I turned the satellite office into it's company called Crimson by the Sea for Speech and Language.  Crimson by the Sea is still located in Encinitas, so if you live up there feel free to check out our website and Facbeook page!  

Molly Baker      (Heck)
I worked at Crimson Center from 2009-2012 as an SLPA. I started out there just on weekends, and eventually turned into a full time employee. It was always more than just work more me – the team at Crimson center became my village of mentors, and good friends. I left in 2012 for graduate school, and now find myself working in the school system. While I am no longer there, I am happy to still feel connected to the center where, for me, it all began. 
(As I was looking for a recent photo, I found that most of the pictures I have of myself from this past year are with all of my friends' beautiful children. This one is me with my buddy whom we'll call "Lion", picking out a Christmas Tree.)
Hong Vong

I worked part time at Crimson between 2006-2007, then moved into a full-time position from 2007-2010 full-time, when my husband and I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas.


For the past six years, I have been working with children (ages birth-school age), with moderate-profound deficits in a low-income, rural area. The children that I treat come to a center-based facility, where they receive developmental, occupational, physical, and/or speech language therapy.  Since leaving Crimson, I have had one daughter, and my husband has completed his Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. 

One of my most profound memories is of working with one of my favorite clients weekly. Before he arrived, I always lowered the temperature and scrambled to grab as many large, sensory-providing therapy tools (large yoga ball, spinning office chair, bean bags, trampoline). The sessions were frequently active, and I loved every minute, trying to read his sensory needs while facilitating increased verbal output. 

Natasha Vayner

I worked at Crimson from 2010-2013, starting out as a totally green and over-eager clinical fellow, and staying on as long as I could before moving away from San Diego. After a year of traveling and exploring speech-language clinics around the world, I settled down in Chicago, Illinois (for the weather, of course!) and I am working with children and adults who stutter at the Chmela Fluency Center.


I consider myself extremely lucky to have started my career at Crimson, with the most supportive mentor and friend (Karyn Searcy) and collaborative and fun colleagues. I remember many tender, hilarious, and life-changing moments from my Crimson days, including children's first words, tears of joy, and shared laughs. One of my favorite memories is a certain little boy putting on my Natasha's shoes, when I had looked away for just a moment to talk to his mom. He proceeded to march around the therapy room, singing "Shoes are walking! Shoes are walking!" -- a song he had just learned at school.

Holly Marshall Jauregui

I joined Crimson in July of 2011, after volunteering for CTRC’s iCan Bike (formerly Lose the Training Wheels). I moved to Orange County in June 2016 to continue my studies in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, and am currently working for a Nonprofit Org called CRM. My team is called ReNew and we work with Christian leaders all over the world, caring for their souls and helping to ensure that they (their lives, their ministries, their families and their teams) are thriving.


I'm married to my incredible husband David (we got married while I was working with Crimson!), and we just passed our 4-year mark. I'll be a certified Spiritual Director after I finish my Master’s program, and plan on continuing my work with ReNew.


So many memories! The Crimson team really does become like a sort of second family. All of the therapists work together to help provide the best treatment possible (lunchtimes became a sort of think tank) and all of my clients have a special place in my heart. My favorite memories will always be of those little ones and their first words/phrases, and then the celebration with co-workers afterwards. Nothing could be sweeter!