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Accent Reduction Program
Accent modification is designed to assist non-native speakers of American English and become more effective communicators by addressing pronunciation patterns American English

Accent Modification is not a ESL course or program designed to minimize your ethnic or culture identity. Through this program, you will learn how to overcome personal and social barriers that prevent listeners from focusing on you and what you are saying.

For more information or to schedule a consultation contact Jessica Rush

Jessica Rush, M.S., CCC, a licensed speech language therapist, is a certified instructor of the Compton Pronoucing English as a Second Language Method (P-ESL) of accent modification. This highly-structured program is a proven research-based method for teaching accent modification. 

Individual Therapy

Providing individualized treatment to maximize functional communication skills for children, adolescents, adults, and their families.

Paired Peers

These transitional programs are designed to help clients generalize language skills in play and semi-structed social settings. Peer matches are based on language skills, developmental age and interests. Trained therapists support matched peers in natural settings to help them use emerging language skills with progressively less adult prompting.

Our Specialized Accent Modification Program can help if:
  •  People focus more on your pronunciation than what you are trying to tell them

  • You are frequently asked to repeat yourself

  • Your communication prevents career advancement

  • You have difficulty communicating on the phone or in person

  • You are uncomfortable speaking in front of people, or participating in team meetings 

   More Than Words is a Hanen Program for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder and related social communication challenges. Designed to empower families to develop specific goals for their children, this program provides practical strategies that can be used in everyday situations to improve social skills, increase back-and-forth, and enhance understanding of languages.

More Than Words
Can Be Funded Through San Diego Regional Center
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Hanen: More then Words 

For Toddlers was adapted from an evidence-based approach combining behavioral and developmental strategies to increase children’s social communication and play skills during daily activities. The original program developed by Brooke Ingersoll, PhD, BCBA-D and Anna Dvortcsak, MS, CCC-SLP. 

Project ImPACT for Toddlers was developed by the SoCal BRIDGE Collaborative, which was formed in 2007. Our program is designed to coach parents and caregivers of 12-30 month olds to support their children’s development. Our adapted program and therapist training plans are currently being tested in Southern California through funding from the Institute for Education Sciences, Office of Special Education Research, and Autism Speaks. Materials, additional information, and training opportunities will be available to the public when research is complete.




Project ImPACT

(Improving Parents As Communication Teachers